Friday, May 4, 2007


k. 10 hours since my final paper ( mid-term ) ENDS.
for 2 whole weeks. EXAMS. goodness. this goes along with sleepless night.. sacrificing my tv time.. ( ahem.. ), stress, bad mood... etc.
after reading JL's blog, i would like to add on what she commented. :p

to know how stress form-6 exams, plz read on :

me : wei, die lo... i dunno how to do Bahagian E.
mz : huh? wait. wait. i check ar...( flipping through one whole stack of tuition notes )

suddenly, someone just jump in from...
someone A : carta pai how to draw ar?
someone B : which one?
someone A : what which one?
someone B : tunggal, tindih, dua pai, pai separuh...

trac : aiyo. aiyo. no time la..
me : yala. crazy! hands damn pain la.
mel : wei.. no isi la. sure fail.
loke : eh, wat paper we having tmr?

me : die! die! die!
mz : dun say like that la... very stress here.
trac : wanna cry la. yer.....
loke : i hate math. i hate math.
me : what's the formula for trigo.. erm, that one... the.. the ... the.. oh, forget it!

loke : i'm going to abandon trigonometry. i only study intergration.
me : hey, i'm bout to abondon that. what u reading?
loke : this one sure come out. study... u wan me to explain to u?
me : NO.

then comes mr. shang shi ( who doesnt study ) & ley yeem
shang : eh, what is box plot?
yeem : there.. that one u draw the line thing...and plot...
shang : huh? ( with blur face )
yeem : no need to tell u la. not that u will know last minute.

shang : u guys know what i read? summary of every chaps.
me : haha. good for u. u expect to PASS?
loke : he never pass la. the only subject he pass is PA.

me : eh loke, can do anot?
rush over my place to see my paper..
loke : this one i dunno... haha, u blank this also? me too! and this. and this. aiyo! this one so easy.. i told u to read in the morning right?

me : SHUT UP. i know that.
loke : eh, this one i doing doing.. suddenly thought of mrs. gooi ( math tuition teacher ) ..then i know how to do adi.. but u also can prove wert.
me : no.. u see..!

loke : aiyer.... u cheat wan. ( prove A=K , i'm proving till ... er A=B+C+J... then out of no where.. A=K -proven ) haha.
mean while... trac sitting at a corner... quiet..

mel : eh, what happen to trac?
me : duno. dun kacau her la.
sian : ya. dun worry. everyting after math she like that wan..
me : let her be...
loke : eh, tmr what paper ar?

me : trac, cant finish studying le.. how?
trac : dunno la..
here comes the noisy loke!
loke : ei?! studying ar? no need la.
me : shut UP!

loke : aiyo, i play computer whole day.. u guys study whole day.. in the end our results will be the same..
quote from loke : Exam has became such a happy time for me.I enjoy watching people fret and study yet can't manage to answer the exam questions. Hahahahahaha....

me : SHUT up.
loke : singing.. oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my DARling clementine....
trac : aiyo.. quiet la.. i want to study..
loke : haha... haha... haha...

loke : haihz. pn.D sure laughing there when marking our paper.
me : yalo. quite easy for her to mark also wert. all blanks.
loke : cheh.
me : should have memorise that ques la.
loke : the ans is just inside my desk.. i really wanted to take out and copy.. but Pn.L was standing right behind me!!
me : too bad..
loke : eh, tmr what subject?

cut & paste from JL's blog. shiny is me, and the 'me' is loke.

Shiny : How was your paper? Okay ah?
HengLi : Normal lah.. Don't know how to answer lah..
Me : Haiyoh. At least don't sleep la! Make an effort to copy somebody's else answer!
HengLi : No point. Nobody know how to do.

Hehe.I know ShangShi is gonna hate me for repeating this so many times.But I'm doing it anyway.

Me : Eh. How was the chemistry paper?
ShangShi : So easy!
ShukChing : What?! Not enough time to finish!!!
ShangShi :So easy what.. Just write my name on the paper then go to sleep d...
Shiny :Oh. Then when the teacher announce there's 5 more minutes, wake up and write the class and date!

i swear..! i will not study last minute again. PROMISE. ~~~ ( wow, sound so convincing. )