Sunday, September 10, 2006


omg... i felt like a total DUMB person today... [ not just me, i think all of us that went to the briefing this afternoon ] ok, 15 students from my school was chosen to represent school as facilitators for the " science quiz & exibition " in wawasan school.. so, we had our briefing today. i was so happy at first as after 3 days of being a faci, i'll be getting a national level cert. and RM75. It all went wrong when we were told that.. we had to demonstrate experiments at each station and have to explain to the spectators that doesn't understand. EXPLAIN!! shit. i dont even remember what i've learnt last year.. [ sorry, forgot to mention, its bout PHYSICS ] when the person in charge just "casually" asked us some ques... we cant answer any of them. And trust me, the ques are not tough. Its just some simple basic concept/ theory or some law... and we.. proudly to be called FORM 6 students cant answer why. OMG... seriously. i just realised the spoon-feeding education system is a NO-NO. sigh! i dunno how am i going to sleep tonight. i seems that last year, a teacher sued that their students lost in the quiz competition because so-and-so faci THOUGHT the WRONG things to the students. After hearing this, my heart almost pop out. What the crap! ohhh.. in my station, i have to do 5 experiments... i'm going to die... arrgh!!! anyone.. angel or demon i dont care.. just help me.. i beg u.. PLZ.. PLZ.. PLZ... oohhh..