Saturday, September 16, 2006

recent news

well, there's alot of things i would like to blog about but i really have no time.. so, its best just for me to write it in SHORT point form.. haha..

1. One of my dearest freind left me to study in Russia.
- why la.. take form6 with me mah...
- we see each other almost every week, i go ur house for dinner at least twice every month since the past few years and now, everytime i go ur house, u wont be there anymore.
- every sunday when we have our badminton, i will surely think back those good times where we played together.
- why do u have to leave... its not easy for me to let a friend go..
- make sure u are a qualified doctor when i see u in 6 years time ok? promise?
- will always miss u...

2. National science championship
- finally, its OVER... my god.. the 3 days event is not EASY. trust me.
- but it was fun... especially the 3rd day.. really had a great time.
- pics will be posted soon..
- get to friend-friend with standard six KIDS.. my god. they are NUTS. i'm telling u... feel like 'cekik' them..
- i'm so not going to be a teacher in the future... haha!!

3. Injection!!
- haha... i'm wondering if the murse actually jap me coz i dont feel any pain or like muscle-joint pain... unlike some others.. exp: tracey, melissa, yee lian.. etc.
- ok.. funniest thing. JESSICA LOKE cried.. BEFORE.. DURING.. & AFTER taking the injection. haha.. sorry i posted it here.. but its really funny. seriously, is taking jap that scary???? there's 2 more to go.. kakaka..
- p.s. to jess, STOP saying u did not cry.. !!

4. Piano practical exam result
- ok.. i always hated to take piano exams.. coz i's terrible at it.
- melissa called me and told me that her sis FAILED. Omg.. how could this happen... she practice like 24 7 .. didnt even close her piano during the few months before exam and she failed.
- she is supposed to get distinction. [ so at least me.. the one who did not practise will at least pass merely.]
- all hopes are now crashed as there's another news. Jing Wen's sister.. who is already fated to get distinction... just get 2 points more than the passing mark.
- bad news is all of us have the same examiner. HE IS STRICT. shit!!!
- hope i'll never recieve my result.. plz.. NO>>

5. Formula ONE championship
- Alonso is losing to Shuey..
- KIMI RAIKKONEN is switching to FERRARI... i hate this!!! i always love him in that white uniform... in that best looking car... and now.. RED??? arrgh..
- Shuey.. is retiring next year... i wanted him to stay.. really.. i want to see what his face look like when he's beaten by Kimi or some other guy ... haihz. too bad.

MPT 5 & 6 coming SOON>>>>>>>>>>>> have u guys bought the tickets???? see u there!!!