Saturday, August 19, 2006


~ uPdaTeS ~

omg... i didnt realised that its been like more than half a month since my last post..... ok, i'm really sorry but its not my fault... i'm SICK..!

it started i think... erm.. last.. last.. ahh, its too long ago. i cant remember. end of last month i think. yes! skipped school for 2 days and thought i'll be totally well... but... after 2 days going back 2 school, i really cant stand anymore! fever getting higher and higher.. ( but not till u can boil water on my forehead or cook an egg ler... ) .. and... tadah!! i had a blood test... result came out that my platlet count is lower than usual.. so i had to take another blood test another day... platlet count getting lower until kinda serious stage.. so have to be ammited to SJMC. omg, i didnt know that the emergency room is so BUSY.. it supposed to be EMERGENCY.. and.. i have to wait bout i think 1 hour or more to see the doctor?? haihz, forget it. they just put me on drip and yeah, 3 more blood test in 2 days. summore take it early in the morning.. when i was SLEEPING.... evil of them.. and they loved to check ur temperature & blood pressure in the middle of the night. ohh.. besides this, i think SJMC is quite a pleasent place to stay .. haha.. but of course, touch wood! oh, really want to thank my friends that came to visit me, call me to reduce my boredness in the hospital.. those who smsed me too.. thanks ya!! luv u guys..its already 2 weeks now after discharged from hospital but i'm still sick. COUGH! COUGH! COUGH! non stop.. it suck! believe me. u dun want to try it..

hurray.. no more PIANO lessons from now on!!! its not that i hate it but i'm just too lazy to practise & i'm trully lack of talent. hehe.. i took my grade6 practical test last friday.. and i seriously think i'm done. NOt that i dont have faith in myself.. i'm just being realistic. anyway, i dun want to dissapoint my beloved piano teacher... [ she migrated to london the same day i took my test. its really sad... gave me a present and i really luv it. ] and... i dunno.. just see lah when the result is out. [ plz let me pass... i already failed once..] HAIHZ..

too tired to continue. will post next time.. ZZZzz...