Saturday, March 18, 2006


Hehe.. my fav sport is BACk... F1... F1...F1... Last Sunday was the first race this season.... Guess who won?? Kimi Raikkonen.. errrm, ok. its not him! its Alonso AGAIN... Why does it always have to be him???? but to me, Kimi is the best racer on Sunday... starting from 22nd [ last place ] on the grid... nevertheless, he manage to climb straight up to 3rd. i mean, who else can do that??? haha! i really hope he can win this time... he won his first ever race in Malaysia before.. he can make it this time... he sure can.. *** ppl out there, go buy 2 cans of nescafe to get Kimi's poster... ***

~ Meet Kimi Raikkonen ~
Cant believe i miss it!!! Ararghh... i actually MISS it!!! Li Peng, u can kill me... Kill ME plz... i thought it was ok to miss it... But NO! NO! NO! manage to catch him on tv news.. OMG>>> he is so CUTE~~ Trust me...! haha...

oh, Happy birthday Melissa... Muakx.. Luv u..!! [ hehe.. ]