Thursday, March 30, 2006


PLZ.. anyone out there... SAVE Me..... !!! i'm in big trouble now~~~ i still cant decide what to study.. my future is so LOST.. what am i going to do??? ok fine. i decided one thing... i'm going science. AND? ohh... i cant think anymore.. it took me ages to make up my mine bout continue science stream. Hmm.. ok, make it more simple. Pharmacy! well, that's what my dad wanted all along and.. i dont really hate it.. so.. in order to study pharmacy.. u got to have a foundation. AHA..! here comes.. where should i study my foundation??? STPM or A-level? Which one????? if i study STPM i got no choice but to go back to seafield. NOOOOOOOOOO... if i study A-level, my chance to go local U is 0%. Its not that i want to go local U that much but compare the price!!!! i actually can save more than 300 thousand!!! my goodness.... !! Haihz.. Haihz..Haihz...