Friday, April 22, 2005

** On That Day **

One fine Saturday morning....which i have to wake up at 7.15 early like this to go to school [ obviously its not that i love going to school or miss the school, its just that i've got my karate traning....haih....grading is coming....hope i can pass through it and get my blue belt ! ] Remember the Club Ed i've mentioned earlier? its first activities starts this very day. 16/4/2005 at 10 a.m. SHARP. Yup! i've to rush back home to take my bath, clean myself up and get ready by 9.45 a.m. Michelle , Li Peng & Diana are coming over to my house n we are going together. 9.50 a.m., everyone was ready accept Diana. OMG, the clock is ticking & we still can't see any sign of her. Ohh, we forgot that she is a little princess that moves SLOWLY. Haih...... What to do, have to wait lor... pity Weng Yan [ coz she is going by her own & she reached early ] In the end, we reached Sunway College LATE !!! Everyone was already there & waiting for us. i step in the auditorium, i soon found out that........that....that.... its not just 10 groups! They actually have 28 groups !!!!!!! Arrgh..////// which means there are more than 80 ppl there...... sicko....!