Wednesday, April 20, 2005

* Before That Day *

Haih... it all started on a day one month ago......during moral class....yeap. Together with my "fav" teacher....apperently everybody in my school know bout her "good" vocal. Anyway, that day was extreamly me & li peng were chatting by ourself [ we were way better than most student in class who slept ] but later on, we heard Tracey, Jin Yan they all talking something about Sunway College, games, team & stuff like that. YUP. we got nothing to do so we joined in their conversation & knew about the CLUB ED. Its all their fault...telling us bout it. [ ok. i know its not..but....nvm..] Its mainly a "educational" club that organized lots of activities for the members & the most important is its FOC. It consists 5 ppl in a, we called Weng Yan [ joined us gladly ], Michelle & Diana [ forced by 3 of us ].... come the hard time ! Name our group. HMM>>> took us like an hour.... me & li peng wanted our group to be CURRYPUFF GIRLS but the others just wont agree with us. [ plz tell me, this is the best name ever right? ] At last, we ended up with MAJOR FREQUENCY.......!!! ok, i know its a bit weird but.....[ what to do ]......... i was told that they will only choose 10 groups out of it but................... GUESS WHAT? our group actually got in !!!! HAHA>>>> how come?? i duuno..@_@