Saturday, February 26, 2005

My Fair Princess 1 & 2

yong qi...xiao yan kang...zhi wei...xiao jian....qing er......!!!!!
3 loving couple in that movie...hehe!
i start to watch huan zhu ge ge when i was in standard 5 i think. it was the first part & i luv the show a lot!! the story plot is very interesting...and of course...the actors & actress!!! arrghhh....... the caracters of the show is so nice... songs & almost everything on that show is so so so so so so nice man.. everyone who read this...u must not miss it!
after the first part of the huan zhu ge ge i was waiting for the second part! but i was too lazy to wait so long. i went and bought the whole set os huan zhu ge ge books part one & 2. ~~everyday, i stayed up until late at night to read to book..i think there are about 8 books all together! i love the book so much..yeah!!
erm...few years news about huan zhu ge ge... until last year, the 3rd part of huan zhu ge ge came out.....i was so happy at first..until i knew that they change the actor & actress in the show.....sux ! none of my friend watch that show...obviously i wont want to watch coz i always hate it when the actor or actress are different! haih....