Saturday, February 26, 2005

chinese new year...

ohh...15 days of my fav chinese new year is OVER!!! no more ang pau, food, fire sad lar..really going to miss it.
i went back on the day before chinese new year...obviously to eat "tuan yuan fan" ! the food that my aunt & my grandma cooked is so damm delicious!!! (the only thing i hate is that it'll make me FAT)...
my kampung is in muar, johor....i luv going back there....( so many cousin to have fun ) during chinese new year..all of us ( i mean me, my stupid bro and other cousins ) went to every house of those we know to " bai nian" -- nicer way of saying, take ang pau! haha..
~~ when we got no more ppl to visit, we will play MAHJUNG !! it's really a nice game & we actually got adicted to the games/// no..!! youngest player is just 12 years old..can u imagine..( i didnt teach him, just encourage him ) haha..~~~
on the 5th day of chinese new year, i went to my primary class gethering.. all just 6G class students! we had our gethering at least one year twice, i think..
so many changes man...haih... of course, changes for good!
Now i got wait for another year to chinese new year...ohh, that means i have to finnish my SPM ...~~~~~~~arrgh!!!

Image hosted by & my cousin during chinese new year in my aunty house !!