Tuesday, August 7, 2007


well, now is like 11:49 on a fine Monday morning. ( which i'm supposed to be in school having my FAV chem lesson )

obviously, i skipped school = for better purpose ( of course! )

trying to concentrate on my math ( funtions ), loke told me that she's blogging instead of studyin her physical chemistry. so, i decided to REST.

before turning on my computer, i got a sms from adibah asking me to go watch movie this weekend with bunch of Kimi's fans. SHIT. i have to reject her invatation as my STPM TRIALS is right at the corner.

i'm feeling depress.

in case u wondering y i prefer stayed back home and not go school, let me give u some reasons y!

1. can prevent myself from chit-chatting with my gangs.
2. longer hour of sleep
3. not getting called one of the FANTASTIC 4 by Pn. D
4. Pn. L wont ask me whether the molecule is polar/non-polar OR whether what happen to aldehyde when it goes through the process of oxidation.
5. i hate school

ok. my head is spinning! gosh.
guess i'm suffering from must-get-A-for-bio syndrome! all because of my beloved optimus prime!!