Friday, October 27, 2006


The following conversation took place in bilik H.E.M recently.
Pn Ung has been rather cantankerous the week before Raya.

Prefect A: Pn Ung, why la so emo?

Pn Ung : what is EE-MO hah?

Prefect B: means like, very emotional la..

Pn Ung : why must young people always shorten everything?!
E-MO-TIO-NAL, four syllabus! very difficult to say meh?!!

the following day, grumpy ol' Pn Ung entered 6E. as the students watched her in an eerie silence, fearing that Pn Ung will suddenly hurl a student out the classroom window, do her AC pose with her puckered-up lips, thinking "we should do this more often", Pn Ung dropped the bomb.

Pn Ung: look what look?!! i very EE-MO now!!

[source: Jessica Loke]