Sunday, June 5, 2005

= a tiReD dAy >>

Oh, damn tired lar.... just came back from pyramid. Went there with Michelle. Haha! Finally manage to " paksa " her to wear SKIRT. [ 100% chun ] Muahaha. Li Peng.. i saw it first ! [ too bad lah...for u ! the one & only time she is going to wear, i guess <'_'> ] Still very blur now. The day just passed so fast. Haih... Actually we didn't do much things there. Yeah, we went to red box. { This is Michelle's first time. We reach there about 11. We wanted to sing from 11 - 3 but the guy say that there is no more room so we had to wait until 1 pm. Aiyo, which means we only got 2 hours to sing. HAIH... At first Michelle say:" ok wert. 2 whole hours. not enough arr? '' HAHAHA.. in the end... she is the one complaining that we got not enough time to sing. She actually got addicted to it. OMG....... !!! heheh... nvm... i first time also like that. She actually wanted to go red box again on friday !!!!!! Michelle.... Michelle...... } OHH, i forgot. Before we go to sing, both of us went & took some " pretty " pics. BLek.....
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Michelle, i think this pic is the best !

Then ----> to our favourite food = SUSHI. Used my 10 bucks. Damn full lar... shouldn't have called so much. ( what to do, so greedy.... ) Thats why at red box, we cant finnish our shrimp & mushroom fried rice. What a waste !!! Oh, there is another thing, but i think Michelle will complaint to everybody she knows. So, just ask her only lar...i lazy to type. Long story !